Climate change, not tourism, is hurting chinstrap penguins

Tourism and its impact on endangered species is, not surprisingly, one of the themes of The Tourist Trail. It’s not a simple issue. In the case of the Magellanic penguin colony at Punta Tombo, more than 100,000 tourists now visit the site annually, which can (and sometimes does) overwhelm the birds. But the fact that so … Read more

Penguins don’t need Google Maps

Exactly how penguins navigate is still largely a mystery. Every year, penguins travel thousands of miles and still somehow find their way home. Here’s an inspiring story about a penguin rescued by the IFAW, relocated two thousand miles away for rehabilitation, and then, amazingly, seen again back near his home. The first time we saw … Read more

Penguins that like people

Penguins may look cute and cuddly but you wouldn’t want to get too close to one. They bite and they bite hard. Which is probably why we’re so fascinated by those select penguin who choose not to bite humans. There is a penguin, named Sandy, in a zoo in German that has developed quite an … Read more