“Throughout the book, the passions and sincerity of animal advocates are captured with immense respect…Ultimately, the novel provides insight to the lives of animal activists, and shows the dangers—to activists themselves—of standing up for animals. The narrative also demonstrates the importance of fighting for justice for animals within the bounds of the law in a moving show of compassion for all those who advocate for animals.” 
— Animal Legal Defense Fund

“What’s impressive about this novel [is that] it occupies so much literary territory. It is at once a romance, an adventure story, an environmental polemic, and a keen study of just how animalistic humans are…It is a reader’s pleasure, due in large part to the meticulous control with which Yunker commands his language.” 
Phoebe Literary Journal

The Tourist Trail by John Yunker is an exciting, thoughtful, intelligent and extremely well-written ecothriller. This novel continually surprised me and kept challenging me at every turn.” 
The Literary Lioness

“The multiple character story lines all weave together by book’s end though it’s not always apparent how the author will pull it off. Trust me, he does and with enough flair to keep you interested. The beauty of the landscapes and creatures seen is not lost on the reader nor is the attention to detail paid when reviewing the knowledge imparted on the lives of these beautiful, resilient and yet fragile creatures.”
Insatiable Readers

“Author John Yunker’s own experiences traveling to Patagonia, Norway, and Antarctica served as the inspiration for The Tourist Trail. If you don’t already, you will come away from this novel with a better understanding for nature.”
As I Turn the Pages

“This is a book for all of humanity, one that questions our actions and leaves us quaking with the consequences.” 
This Dish is Veg

“This immensely readable and exciting novel brings together the seemingly disjointed lives of characters who share a common thread: whether they know it or not, their purpose is to be devoted to the cause of helping animals…The Tourist Trail is epic, sprawling and strikingly cinematic.”
Our Hen House

The Tourist Trail is an exciting saga full of plot twists, romance and non-stop danger. As the book progresses, the lives of the characters begin to intertwine and the emotional twists and turns become just as enveloping for the reader as the dangerous battles at sea.” 
Kiss Me, I’m Vegan (reviewed by Liz Longacre of Your Time Travels

The Tourist Trail is a testament to how humans and the inhabitants of the sea interact and affect one another. As the characters learn and adapt, so does the reader. I promise that you will finish the book with a different perspective regarding our responsibility to life in the sea.” 
Penguin News Today

“If you enjoy books with drama, adventure, excitement, and even a little romance, you will definitely enjoy John Yunker’s new book, The Tourist Trail. If you love animals you will enjoy The Tourist Trail even more.” 

“The book is full of excitement and suspense and reads easily while adeptly addressing ethical issues of animal protection and animal rights.” 
The Vegan Version

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