There are two species of penguin featured in The Tourist Trail: Magellanic and Adelie, shown above.

But there are 17 species of penguin (approximately), listed below:

  1. Adélie penguin
  2. African penguin
  3. Blue (Little) penguin
  4. Chinstrap penguin
  5. Emperor penguin
  6. Erect-crested penguin
  7. Fiordland penguin
  8. Galápagos penguin
  9. Gentoo penguin
  10. Humboldt penguin
  11. King penguin
  12. Magellanic penguin
  13. Northern Rockhopper penguin
  14. Royal penguin
  15. Snares penguin
  16. Southern Rockhopper penguin
  17. Yellow-eyed penguin

Someday I hope to see all of them.

To see pictures of each specie, visit the Global Penguin Society.