Sea Shepherd history on Vancouver Island

I visited Vancouver Island recently and happened upon this display at the hotel in the town of Sidney. It’s hard to see through the glass, but it’s a piece of the first Sea Shepherd ship — the one that really got the entire whale wars movement off the ground. I’d love to know how this … Read more

Discovering the Kimberly Coast

We are only just discovering our oceans. For most of human history we focused on land. The water was useful to finding new land areas, for mapping land areas, and so on. But now we are turning our eyes on the oceans, and there is so little we know. Take the Kimberly Coast, an enormous … Read more

Sea Shepherd adds to its fleet

The Sea Shepherd crew is gearing up for another run at the Japanese. I really wish the Japanese government would come it its senses and stop subsidizing this annual slaughter. Until then, Paul Watson keeps coming up with news and creative ways of getting in the way of business as usual. Say hello to the … Read more