Book Excerpt: Chapter 5 (Angela)

He explained the name, an alias, and his pursuers—various coast guards, police bureaus, and intelligence agencies. “I do battle with whaling ships,” he said. “Like Greenpeace?” Angela asked. “They fight with words and water guns,” he said. “We fight with the hulls of our ships. We ram them. We mangle their props.” “You sink them?” … Read more

Book Excerpt: Chapter 7 (Angela)

“Angela, people know something’s up. And if I don’t say anything and somebody else sees this guy, which is bound to happen, they’re going to think I was in on it too.” She could see it in his eyes—he had moved on. He’d found some other naturalist to shadow, and his allegiance would now shift … Read more

The Tourist Trail makes the top 10 list on Amazon!

In the Animal Rights category, that is. But any top-10 ranking is fine by me! And it’s such a great category to be included in. Thanks to all of you who downloaded the Kindle version. I know it’s early yet but I’m grateful that people are taking a chance on the book. Thank you.

Welcome to The Tourist Trail

The blog is about penguins and whales — about wildlife in general — and the people who devote their lives to protecting it. It’s also about the short story (and novel) that got me started down this road.