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The Tourist Trail is now an audiobook

Let me just that I have newfound respect for those who create audiobooks, because after a month of starts and stops and re-recordings I’m happy to announce the audiobook for The Tourist Trail. It’s available on Audible and comes in at just over 7 hours, which by no means reflects how many hours went into…


Book Excerpt: Chapter 14 (Ethan)

In a parallel universe, Ethan told himself, Annie was his girlfriend. She had decided to settle down, had decided that she wanted children after all. A programmer always considered multiple outcomes for every scenario, and Ethan stayed focused on the outcomes that favored his dreams. The challenge was in knowing how to effect this change….


Book Excerpt: Chapter 5 (Angela)

He explained the name, an alias, and his pursuers—various coast guards, police bureaus, and intelligence agencies. “I do battle with whaling ships,” he said. “Like Greenpeace?” Angela asked. “They fight with words and water guns,” he said. “We fight with the hulls of our ships. We ram them. We mangle their props.” “You sink them?”…