A few more book reviews

The Tourist Trail isn’t even in print (yet) and already it has received six very nice reviews. I feel so fortunate for the Kindle — and, more important, the Kindle community. These folks are passionate readers — not to mention fast readers. And let me state right off that none of these reviews were coerced … Read more

An interview about The Tourist Trail

As Kindle author, I love to read about fellow Kindle authors. Fortunately, author David Wisehart has created a web site dedicated to Kindle authors. He recently asked me a few questions about my book, what inspired it, and how I’m going about promoting it. Here’s the interview.

To self-publish is to self-doubt

When someone else publishes your book you have a buffer between you and your insecurities. You can doubt your book from morning ’til night but still go to sleep knowing that “at least someone else thinks the book is worth publishing.” But when you self-publish, it’s just you and your insecurities. Most days, I hold … Read more