The Tourist Trail: Free for a limited time…

For the next two weeks I am participating in a unique promotion, organized by Margi Prideaux, that showcases 20 environmentally themed eBooks on Instafreebie. Yes, these book are free to download. All you have to do is sign up for the author’s email list. To see the full list of books, click here. The promotion goes from today … Read more

Introducing EcoLit Books

I wrote awhile back about the emergence of eco-literature. Since then, I’ve seen more publishers awakening to eco-literature, but I’ve long wanted there to be a website that highlighted and reviewed these new titles. So now we have EcoLit Books. EcoLit Books is dedicated to books with environmental and animal rights themes. And it’s devoted to gathering both … Read more

I propose a new book category: Eco-fiction

As I’ve written about previously, categorizing The Tourist Trail has been no simple task. Although there are surprises, suspense, and plenty of action, I would not categorize the book as a “thriller” or “action & adventure” novel. But I also don’t feel that the book fits comfortably in the “literary fiction” category. After all, literary … Read more

Reasons why the Apple iBookstore is failing

Most people I know who have an iPhone and love ebooks, use the Kindle app. They don’t shop from Apple’s iBookstore. There are several reason for this: If you buy a book in the iBookstore, you have to read it on your iPad or iPhone or iTouch — and only there. With Amazon, you can … Read more

When will a self-published book win the National Book Award? (When it’s not self-published)

Does self-publishing mean you’ll never have a chance at winning a book award? It certainly seems that way. The PEN New England Hemingway Foundation Award for First Fiction notes on its submission form — in bold type no less: No self-published books, electronic submissions, or e-books are eligible for consideration. Now I realize they’re trying to avoid … Read more

If you want to sell lots of books, you’ve got to give away lots of books

It’s been more than a month since I published The Tourist Trail and I’m very happy with the response so far. The reviews have been amazing. And the sales have been much better than I expected, though I’m probably breaking even when you factor in the books I’ve given away. That’s right folks, book promotion … Read more