Where Oceans Hide Their Dead: Now on Audible.com

At last, it’s ready… on Audible.com.https://adbl.co/2ZINs6j You can listen to a sample here: Ashland Creek Press · Where Oceans Hide Their Dead (sample) Read by yours truly, warts and all. The end result is 8 hours and change long but I lost count of how many hours I spent recording and re-recording these chapters. Partly … Read more

The emergence of eco-literature

So what I have been up to these past few months? Well, I went and co-founded a publishing house: Ashland Creek Press. As you know, I’m passionate about animal rights and the environment.That’s why I wrote The Tourist Trail. But one of the reasons I struggled to find a mainstream publisher for this novel was … Read more

Happy beneath-the-earth day

Perhaps Midge and I took Earth Day a bit seriously this year. We visited Oregon Caves Nationals Monument and spent the afternoon underground getting dripped on (euphemistically called ‘cave kisses’). I really recommend the tour. Ranger Joe was excellent (and great with the kids) and his passion for the caves was evident. This cave is … Read more