The emergence of eco-literature

So what I have been up to these past few months? Well, I went and co-founded a publishing house: Ashland Creek Press. As you know, I’m passionate about animal rights and the environment.That’s why I wrote The Tourist Trail. But one of the reasons I struggled to find a mainstream publisher for this novel was … Read more

Eagles up close

I came across a live video stream today of a pair of bald eagles and their three chicks living in a tree in Decorah, Iowa. You can check it out here. Warning: It’s highly addictive. And here is a screen grab…    

Birds of Seattle

Granted, this is a brief list of birds, but you’ve got to start somewhere. I will expand it. I’m currently searching for the elusive Bufflehead. Every time I see one I’m without camera. Here’s what I’ve photographed so far, all along Elliott Bay. A goldeneye. There are two different types; I’m not sure which one … Read more

Naturing in Seattle

In Seattle, you don’t have to walk far to catch glimpses of nature going about its business. But today I was fortunate enough to catch an eagle and seal going about their business — and catch them on camera. I had gone for a walk along the Sound, or the Salish Sea, with the goal … Read more