Introducing EcoLit Books

I wrote awhile back about the emergence of eco-literature. Since then, I’ve seen more publishers awakening to eco-literature, but I’ve long wanted there to be a website that highlighted and reviewed these new titles. So now we have EcoLit Books. EcoLit Books is dedicated to books with environmental and animal rights themes. And it’s devoted to gathering both … Read more

The Half-Skinned Steer

At Ashland Creek Press, we’re in the early stages of putting together an anthology of short stories that focus on “how the lives of animals and humans intersect, particularly in regards to the conservation and protection of animals.” And so far we’ve been amazed by the quality and number of submissions received. But if there … Read more

The foxes of San Juan Island

We have foxes here in Ashland but they’re very skittish and I’ve only seen them at night (and fleetingly). But on San Juan Island in a protected area known as American Camp, foxes are quite accustomed to us tourists. I discovered recently that tourists sometimes feed the foxes, which probably explains why. And while I … Read more

What’s new?

A lot, actually. Which is largely why this blog has remained untouched for so long. That small press that Midge and I founded about a year ago is humming along nicely. We’ve got about 10 books in various stages of production. Most of these books have strong environmental themes. Like Falling Into Green and The … Read more