In The Tourist Trail, the word bycatch gets tossed around a bit. Fisherman use the word to refer to the marine creatures unintentionally caught in nets and on longlines. Creatures like sharks, whales, and even penguins. The word has always bothered me in how it trivializes the lives of those unintended targets. I read yesterday … Read more

South Korea blames whales for depleting fish stocks (so naturally it plans to hunt whales)

Just when I begin to think that wiser heads will prevail around the world and whale hunting will become a thing of the past, another country decides to revive its whaling industry. This time the country is South Korea. According to the New York Times, South Korea wants to start whaling again using the same … Read more

Vegan shoes are going mainstream

Sometimes small changes are actually big changes. They just don’t seem like big changes at the time. When it comes to veganism, I’m always on the lookout for these changes. A celebrity announcing that he or she has gone vegan. That’s not a big change. But when a major retailer begins highlighting vegan products, that’s … Read more

A brief survey of animal rights literature

Awhile back I started a “best eco-fiction” list on GoodReads. While there is plenty of excellent non-fiction out there about animal rights and activism, I wanted to focus on fiction. Since then, the list has grown as others have suggested books I wasn’t aware of or had completely overlooked. Here are a few titles from … Read more

The emergence of eco-literature

So what I have been up to these past few months? Well, I went and co-founded a publishing house: Ashland Creek Press. As you know, I’m passionate about animal rights and the environment.That’s why I wrote The Tourist Trail. But one of the reasons I struggled to find a mainstream publisher for this novel was … Read more


Hot off the presses! These 1-inch “FAUX” buttons are a positive way of showing your support for non-leather and fur products. And for anyone who purchases a copy of The Tourist Trail, I’ll include a free button (or more if you buy more). Purchase here.

Leather is losing its lustre among athletes

I read yesterday that Brian Gordon, Major League Baseball pitcher for the Yankees, became the first player to use a 100% non-leather glove. This may seem like a trivial detail, but it’s not. Leather has long been viewed as the best material for many sports-related products — from shoes to gloves to the balls themselves. … Read more