Join me in Greenville, South Carolina for a free staged reading of Meat the Parents

I’ll be headed to Greenville, South Carolina in a week to participate in the Centre Stage New Plays Festival. It’s an honor to be included and I’m particularly excited to see what people think of my full-length play Meat the Parents. Here’s a brief description: Bonnie, a high school senior and carnivore trapped within a family of … Read more

The beginning of the end for zoos

Animals in zoos get depressed. Kinda obvious, I know. Still, it’s nice to see The New York Times covering this issue. The article is about a man who helps captive animals cope better with the trauma of being held captive. Drugs are sometimes used. I feel for this man because he is doing his best to ease their … Read more

The Siskiyou Prize: A new award for a new wave of environmental writing

As readers of this blog know well, I’m a passionate believer in the power of “eco-fiction” to change hearts and minds. So Midge and I have announced a new book award, The Siskiyou Prize for New Environmental Literature. The 2014 prize will be judged by New York Times bestselling author Karen Joy Fowler, whose most recent book is We Are All Completely … Read more

Penguins vs. climate change

We all know or should know by now that polar bears are suffering from reduced ice up north. But few people know about what’s happening to penguins down south. If you have a spare 10 minutes, listen to this interview with Dee Boersma on her recent study about Magellanic Penguins  in Punta Tombo, Argentina. I … Read more