Off the Trail

Join me tomorrow in Portland at the Oregon Historical Society for Holiday Cheer

I’ll be signing copies of The Tourist Trail and Writing for Animals.

It runs from noon to 4pm



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Did you happen to notice the new Tourist Trail cover?

The cover of the first edition of The Tourist Trail features a landscape photograph of the Magellanic penguin colony along the shores of Argentina, the precise location where the book begins. It was a photograph I had taken and I thought it would make a nice cover.

And it did, but it didn’t make a great cover. So as we began preparations for the sequel to The Tourist Trail, we also went and hired a professional, Rolf Busch.

And he designed a wonderful cover, using a photograph that we provided. Those who’ve read the book will know what exactly is hanging around the cover model’s neck and its significance. As well as the icebergs.

The Tourist Trail cover

I love this cover and I hope you do as well.

And stay tuned for the sequel, coming in less than six months…


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Corporate intelligence and the animal rights movement

An interesting article in the New York Times about the rise of corporate intelligence (spying) firms and the lengths they will go to in order to dig up dirt on activists and other ordinary people.

I mention this because my next book, coming next year (at long last), is about the role of one such fictional firm and the havoc it wreaks on animal activists.

I plan to share much more about this book in the months ahead. As always, contact me if you have any questions…




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My conversation with Jasmin

I had a great chat with Jasmin Singer as part of this Our Hen House podcast.

Check it out!

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The Tourist Trail: Free for a limited time…

For the next two weeks I am participating in a unique promotion, organized by Margi Prideaux, that showcases 20 environmentally themed eBooks on Instafreebie.

Yes, these book are free to download. All you have to do is sign up for the author’s email list.

To see the full list of books, click here.

The promotion goes from today until June 15th.

And I think I speak for all authors by saying that if you enjoy the book we welcome your reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. These reviews really do matter — and not just to our egos.

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City of Strays in Qu

I’m happy to have my latest short story City of Strays published in Qu: A contemporary literary magazine from Queens University of Charlotte. And I love the cover, particularly because my story is, at one level, about cats.

You can read the full story here.

I hope you enjoy it.


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