Blackfish: A documentary about Orcas in captivity


I’m looking forward to this documentary on Orcas later this year. I hope it gets attention and wakes up the world to the horrible treatment that these creatures undergo at places like SeaWorld.

Imagine spending your life in a bathtub. That’s the life they live, if you can call it that.

The film, which will hit theaters this summer and debut on CNN later in the year, explores the psychology of Tilikum, who was born in the wild near Iceland in 1983, captured and sent to a marine park near Vancouver before coming to SeaWorld in Orlando. Separated from his family, he was bullied by other whales as a calf in captivity. Older female whales raked his skin constantly, and Tilikum (“friend” in Chinook) was kept in a small, dark tank for more than 14 hours at a time — factors the movie suggests may have contributed to his aggression later.

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