Question: When do you stop sending out review copies?

Answer: Probably never.

The Tourist Trail has been out for eight months now and I’m still sending out review copies. Granted, I’m only sending out one or two a week at most, but if I find someone who has an audience and might be willing to devote time to reading the book, I’m more than happy to send a copy along.

Of course, not everyone who promises to write a review actually follows through. And I don’t like to nag so I just let it go. That’s part of the process — letting things go, particularly if the reviews aren’t what you expect. Fortunately, I’ve received mostly great reviews so far.

And I’m always looking for more.

I have found that reviews are the most important way to get this book noticed. If you’re a blogger with an audience and you think you might want to review The Tourist Trail, let me know. I’ve got copies…

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