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The Kindle Nation Effect: From 25,000 to 234 overnight

Yesterday, The Tourist Trail was featured on Kindle Nation.

Kindle Nation is a newsletter/web site published by Steve Windwalker, who is an expert on the Kindle ecosystem — from self-publishing to pricing to sales numbers. If you’re an author or reader, his newsletters are a must read.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and my book was #1 on the Kindle Movers & Shakers list.

I know these rankings are one of those things that only authors really care about — but it’s a great feeling nonetheless. It means that people are discovering the book.

This has been quite a journey.

A year ago, when my agent was sending the book to publishers, the sentiment was that The Tourist Trail was a great book but that the editors didn’t think there was an audience for it. And after we tried the last publisher, I had my doubts as well (many doubts).

As it turns out, there is quite an audience for The Tourist Trail, which I’ve discovered thanks to Kindle Nation.  I can’t help but view Steve Windwalker as the Oprah of the Kindle set.

If you’re a reader, check out Kindle Nation. The email subscription is free and the Kindle subscription is darn near free.

If you’re a writer and you want to be featured in Kindle Nation, there is a modest reading fee. But if you do make the cut, it’s well worth it.

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