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Sea Shepherd founder added to Interpol list

Paul Watson, the founder of the Sea Shepherd Society, has been added to Interpol’s wanted list, at the urging of Japan.

As this article notes, this designation does not mean Japan wants Paul arrested, just spied on.

For now.

It appears that the International Whaling Commissions meeting is going nowhere fast, which means Japan will continue its annual hunts and Paul and his crew will continue their annual battles.

So Japan is taking another approach to getting Paul out of their way.

I write about all of this here because one of the major themes of The Tourist Trail is the illegal whale hunts. The main character known as Aeneas was inspired by Paul Watson. In my book, Aeneas is on the run from those who are trying to arrest him. It’s all fiction of course, but when I read the news lately, it’s not quite as fictional as I once thought.

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