Book Excerpt: Chapter 7 (Angela)

“Angela, people know something’s up. And if I don’t say anything and somebody else sees this guy, which is bound to happen, they’re going to think I was in on it too.”

She could see it in his eyes—he had moved on. He’d found some other naturalist to shadow, and his allegiance would now shift as well, even as he tried to conceal it under that handsome veil of enthusiasm. If he turned Angela in, it would demonstrate his loyalty to the camp, to the penguins. Not to her.

“And there’s no chance you would risk anything on my behalf?” Angela asked.

“It’s not personal, Angela. I’m new here—and I’d like to be invited back next year. If you don’t do it, I will, if for no other reason than to preserve what’s left of our Malbec supply.”

B(From The Tourist Trail, Chapter 7: Angela)

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