The Tourist Trail: On a Kindle near you

I’m happy to announce that The Tourist Trail is now available on the Kindle.

When I set out writing this book four years ago, the Kindle did not even exist.

But I’m happy it does. Although I’m still partial to the old fashioned print book, there is no disputing the benefits of digital publishing. I convert the book to the appropriate digital format, upload it onto the Kindle site, and a few days later it’s ready for the world. No printing costs, no shipping costs. No trees are harmed. And, because I don’t have any upfront costs, I’m in the position to offer the book at an “impulse buy” price.

So if you’ve got a Kindle, have a look.

If you’re not sure about parting with your money, download a free sample — another nice option supported by the Kindle.

In my next post I’ll write about the lessons learned along the way — for those of you planning to publish your book on the Kindle. I certainly made my share of mistakes along the way and plan to document them here.

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