Pay Attention to Penguins

Dee Boersma, director of the Penguin Project, spoke at a TED event recently and I highly recommend watching it:

Dee has devoted more than 20 years to studying penguins and she has the data that shows that penguin colonies are declining, and quickly. Just as important, she has clear recommendations for how to solve this problem.

If you watch the entire video you’ll see footage of Turbo the Penguin. Turbo was the inspiration for a penguin in my short story (and soon-to-be novel) The Tourist Trail. You can download the short story on the right.

Turbo is an amazing bird. For some reason he has adopted the researchers. They have never fed him or given him any reason to hang out with them. He just does it. And he doesn’t bite when touched — which is highly unusual. He also has his own Facebook page — and a growing legion of fans around the world.

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