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Rod Coronado speaking at Resistance Ecology

I wanted to share this video of Rod speaking at length about his life as an activist.

As many of you know, he inspired part of The Tourist Trail.

Rod Coronado Keynote from Burning Hearts Media on Vimeo.

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The (necessary) evolution of environmental writing

I want to see “environmental writing” evolve, and quickly. Here’s what I mean.

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Join me in Greenville, South Carolina for a free staged reading of Meat the Parents

New Play Festival

I’ll be headed to Greenville, South Carolina in a week to participate in the Centre Stage New Plays Festival.

It’s an honor to be included and I’m particularly excited to see what people think of my full-length play Meat the Parents. Here’s a brief description:

Bonnie, a high school senior and carnivore trapped within a family of vegans, is dreading the return from college of her older, better-loved sister Rachel and her new boyfriend, Greg. The girl’s father seeks to induct Greg into his animal rights attack on a poultry processing plant, much to the frustration of their mother. Meanwhile Bonnie has her suspicions about Greg, as he claims to be both vegan and from Texas.

If you’re in the area, the readings are free to attend. My play will be staged on September 29th at 7pm.

I hope to see you there…

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Little Red House


I am very happy that the literary journal Mason’s Road has published my one-act play Little Red House.

You can read it here.

It’s just ten minutes long. And, yes, it does have an animal rights theme.

I hope you like it…

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And now some good news about penguins

Adelie Colony

The Adélie penguin has long been viewed as in rapid decline, largely because of the number of shrinking and abandoned penguin colonies around the Antarctic peninsula.

But it appears that the penguin may not be declining so much as changing address.

According to this WSJ article, the penguin has actually increased in numbers globally:

The researchers found eight abandoned penguin colonies on the Antarctic Peninsula, where regional temperatures have been rising faster in recent decades than across the continent as a whole.

That loss, however, was offset by new colonies that sprouted up elsewhere in Antarctica and by growth in previously known colonies since the last general penguin census was carried out in 1993, the scientists said.

“The gains on the continent more than offset the losses on the peninsula,” Dr. Lynch said. “For now, that is good news.”

For now, but I’ll take it.


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